New Year, New Blog

I’ve been a half-assed blogger for several years now… in fact I kept an “online diary” starting over 12 years ago, before they were even called BLOGS.  It was neat to write my thoughts out anonymously and be able to share them with other anonymous people on the site and get feedback.  I’m actually still friends today with one of the very first people I met on a diary site way back in the 20th century!  But of course as times change, sites change, and I’ve jumped from site to site.  I still appreciate the sense of community that diary sites have, and I’ve made some good friends from those places… but I’ve also branched outside of them and created blogs for the whole world to have a peek at if they choose.  I was pretty consistent in keeping up a weight-loss blog for several years that detailed my struggles and triumphs with the scale.  I posted recipes, progress pictures, etc, and it was great meeting others that were also going through some of the same things.  I eventually became bored with that blog though, and felt like I was only sharing a small portion of who I was with my readership.  My whole life wasn’t weight watchers and exercise, but my whole blog was.  I’ve not blogged there in quite some time, and I think I’ll just let it collect dust on the internet until I get around to deleting it and its’ contents. 

So that brings me to here.  One of my goals for this year was to start a new blog, one that detailed more about my life, hobbies, interests, etc.  A place where I can update friends and family about what’s going on in our household, as well as a place where I can keep in touch with long-time online friends.  I wanted a place where I could post goofy pictures of ourselves or our pets, blog about some of my craft projects (and obsession with Pinterest!), and just do whatever it is I wanted to do, without feeling restricted to only post on weight-loss stuff.  There may be some of that here too, but it will just be one of the layers that I peel away and share about on here.

When I was trying to think of a blog name, nothing automatically came to mind.  My last blog had a catchy little rhyming name that was appropriate for the type of blog it was, but I couldn’t think of anything right away for this place.  I was brainstorming with my husband the other day, while curled up in my big comfy chair with our two dogs, and I first suggested “24 legs”, because that is how many legs are actually in our household (with 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 humans, it adds up!).  He didn’t really go for that, so my next suggestion was “3 b*tches in a chair”, since that was obviously the next route to go down… again, vetoed.  So, I came up with this one on my own, without seeking his approval.  One of my life’s principals–don’t ask, because then you can’t be told no.  (So, mister, this is the blog, hope you like it!  I think it’s better than the 3 b*tches in a chair idea anyway!)

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. I love the name, Teale! lol I’m excited for this blog, too. As a blogger, I feel like I’m always sharing my stories, but most of my friends and family do not blog, so it gets one-sided.

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