The Mister

Nearly 4 years ago I went on what I called a “Friendship Interview”.  I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and was looking to find some new friends.  I was pretty isolated in my previous relationship and most of my time was spent holed up in the apartment with my ex.  After we broke things off, I found myself lonely and without many friends.  Thus, the friendship interview.  This was back when myspace was still a “thing”, and so I searched on there for young people around my age in my area.  I’ve always gotten along better with guys, so I messaged a couple of guys that looked like we might share some interests, and I thought maybe it would be a few new people to hang out with. 

Eddie was one of those people.  We emailed back and forth for a few days, then he asked me to get coffee at a local diner.  The few friends I did talk to referred to this as a date, but I insisted it wasn’t… I was simply meeting someone to determine if I wanted to be friends with them or not… FRIENDSHIP INTERVIEW! 


Well, turns out the interview went well… a year and a half later, we were married. 


It sounds so cheesy and cliche to say, but my husband truly is my best friend.  In fact, he’s the best friend I’ve ever had (except for my mom, she always trumps all… sorry, dude!).  Sure, we have our disagreements from time to time, like any relationship or friendship would, but the good times are primarily where things are at. 


Our relationship and our marriage hasn’t always been cake–it’s hard work sometimes to deal with all the punches life throws, but we’ve been blessed to have been able to find our complementing partner in crime.  We work well together because we do what we can to make the other happy and we’re a damn good team! (Or maybe it’s because I’m bossy and he’s cooperative, I’m not sure!)





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