2012 Goals Progress (1 of 12)

I’ve been diligently working on my 101 in 1001 up there for a couple years now.  However, this year I decided I’d also have a list of goals for the year, on top of the 101 I’m already working on.  I jotted down 10 things I’d like to accomplish, and I plan to review them monthly to see where I’ve come with them, as well as remind myself what more I need to do to complete them!

1.  Send 12 letters via snail mail (In Progress: 1 of 12)

2.  Read at least 1/2 of my “to-be-read” (TBR) list (In Progress: 4 of 25)

3.  Create a family blog  (Complete!)

4.  Get 50 followers to new blog (In Progress: 8/25  There are 8 of you!  Wahoooo!  Sidenote: subscribe!)

5.  Write in new blog 50 times this year (In Progress: 6/50)

6.  Earn $100 in amazon giftcards via swagbucks this year ($0/100 so far)

7.  Give 10 handmade gifts (In Progress: 1/10)

8.  Complete Pinterest 12 in 2012 board (In Progress: 1/12)

9.  Set up guest room (No Progress)

10.  Use nook to rent library books at least once/month (In Progress: 1/12)


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