My Valentine

I know I recently wrote an entry all about the special dude in my life, but today I thought I’d reflect back on our Valentine’s Days that we have spent together in the past.  This will mark our 5th V-day together, though the first one we spent together was not really us celebrating the holiday, so much as it was me tricking him to come out with me and him tricking me into thinking I was buying our drinks all night, when really he was.

I’ll elaborate…  Eddie and I went on our first date on February 12, 2008.  He didn’t want our first date to be ON V-day, because then what if it’s awkward, we don’t get along as well as we did on our friendship interview, or whatever.  There would be these expectations because it was this romantic holiday… so, we went out a couple days before.  Our date went well, and if my memory serves me correctly, Valentine’s Day was on a Friday that year.  I texted him after work and casually said that I was going out for a drink after work, and if he’d like to join me, he was more than welcome.  I knew he’d come.  He liked me:)  Sure enough, after finding his way to the bar after bad directions on my part (I’ve lived in this area my whole life, but apparently I didn’t know that the street I “thought” the bar was one, was actually a block to the west… so he was standing on this vacant corner, calling me, thinking I was tricking him!), he and I spent the evening together flirting, playing pool, and having a few drinks… that I thought were being put in my tab.  At the end of the night, when I went to close my tab, the only drink on there was the original one I’d purchased before he got there.  Tricky, that boy.  About a week after that V-day date, we became an official couple.

Not officially a Valentine's Day image, but this is our first picture together, about a week after V-day 2008.

The next year brought us falling madly in love, Eddie’s romantic proposal on Navy Pier in Chicago (in the freeeeezing cold!), and our first Valentine’s Day as an official couple in 2009.  Eddie got us reservations at the same restaurant we had our first date at the year before, and we had a delicious Italian meal.  Before dinner though, I had created a scavenger hunt for him through my apartment to find all his Valentine’s Day goodies… my clues even rhymed.  I was pretty badass.  After dinner we went to a local cupcake place and got some cupcakes for the road, then went back to my apartment to enjoy them, along with the makeshift cannolis I had tried to make.  They weren’t good, but Eddie pretended like they were.  I also got a dozen Gerbera Daisies–my fave.

Valentine's Day 2009 before dinner at Biaggi's.

2010 brought our first married Valentine’s Day!  We were fortunate enough to get to go away for a weekend to celebrate!  I ended up having the Friday and Monday surrounding V-day off as holidays for work (Thank you Abe Lincoln & all Presidents everywhere!).  We drove down to Gatlinburg, TN for the weekend.  The drive down wasn’t bad–about an 8 hour drive, but weather was pretty good until we got there.  When we got there, there was snow, but not bad snow by Illinois standards… however, in Gatlinburg apparently there are not snow plows and salt trucks like we’re used to up here!  Roads and sidewalks were soooo slick, and unfortunately because of the weather we weren’t able to drive through the Smokies because all the mountain roads were closed!  We still managed to have a great time though!  We ate at Bubba Gump, the Hard Rock Cafe, went to Ripley’s and the aquarium, and also took a giant cable-car-type ski lift up one of the mountains to this ski lodge/resort place.  Once we were there, we had the option of taking a regular 2-person ski lift farther up the mountain… dangling over terrifying pits that would likely take your life if you fell… I was TERRIFIED to ride one of these things.  It took probably 30 minutes of convincing on Eddie’s part to convince me to jump on the ski lift (while hoping that it doesn’t knock me off the ledge into one of the scary pits of doom).  Finally I got on… and practically hyperventillated all the way to the top of the mountain!

Valentine's Weekend 2010--My look of terror after jumping on the ski lift! Nothing says romance like the possibility of falling to your death!

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Eddie got us reservations at a top-secret location.  He made me put a blindfold on as he drove through the streets of town, turning unnecessarily, trying to throw me off.  I have an excellent sense of direction though (just ask him about the time we went hiking at Kickapoo… that’s all I’m sayin’), and knew exactly where we were before I even took the blindfold off!  It was still a surprise though, and a tasty dinner to boot!

2011 Mystery V-day Dinner!

This year Eddie and I are staying home for Valentine’s Day!  Eddie’s making what is sure to be a super tasty dinner, and I’m in charge of dessert.  We both made gifts for each other, though I’m sure my Pinterest-inspired gift will not be nearly as cool as the gift he’s been constructing in the garage for days… all I know is that it involves wood, glass, mirror, white paint, and pink glitter… the possibilities are endless!  It’s sure to be a nice night in, celebrating the ones we love the most! 

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