Valentine’s Day Swap!

I had the pleasure of participating in a Valentine’s Day Swap via my pal Meg’s blog!  She and two other ladies hosted the swap:

I ended up getting paired up with two lovely ladies instead of the traditional one partner–but it was OK, I enjoyed getting to shop for twice the goodies!  My first partner was Rachel.  She sent me some really great goodies, pictured below!  I got a great bright pink makeup bag (my favorite color), along with a new eyeliner (much needed), some MAC eyelashes, and a gorgeous pair of earrings!  I have been known to be picky about my jewelry, but these are earrings I would have totally picked out myself!  I love them!  She also included a heart-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cup, but I ate that sucker up!


My second partner was Mrs. Monologues!  She sent me some great Valentine’s Day goodies too, but unfortunately one of my items didn’t make it in one piece!  Super bummed about that, because it looked like a super cute pink heart V-day mug–accidents happen though!  The other items arrived perfectly in tact though!  She got me a super cute pair of pink heart socks (not pictured cuz they’re in the laundry!), along with some holiday cookie cutters (perfect, because I love to bake!), and these great V-day pencils!  Some of the pencils have little owls on them, and I totally love owls!!!


I hope you ladies also had fun and enjoyed your goodies!  I had fun picking them out, and I hope to get to do swaps again in the future!


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