Life Update

Well, it’s been awhile, so I suppose I will update on how life is going for Eddie and I lately! First I will do a Teale Update, since I am the one writing and all…

–On the surgery front, I HAVE A SURGERY DATE! April 30 will be the big day for me! I will be having the same procedure as Eddie, the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. See previous posts for details all about that! I got insurance approval in mid-January, but the first available my surgeon had was the end of April. He is a very popular doctor! I’m still over 2 months away, so I’m not really nervous at this point, but I’m sure I will be the closer I get to surgery. I’ve never had any kind of surgery before, so it’s mainly the idea of any kind of surgery that makes me nervous.

–In January I became a Thirty-One consultant! I was always very skeptical of the home-based party business in the past (I even had joined Mary Kay when I was in college… but never had a single party!). About 7 months ago though, I went to my first Thirty-One party and LOVED the stuff! I think I spent about $150 at that first party… then I went to three additional parties by the end of the year, dropping tons more money on things! I decided to take some of my Christmas money and invest in the $99 starter kit, figuring if nothing else, I got a ton of great products for only $99. I ended up really enjoying learning about the business and learning about how to run my business that I would really like to work at it seriously. I don’t plan to quit my day job or anything, but I am working towards some really great incentives that I hope to reach! I’ve registered for the national conference in Atlanta this July, and if all goes according to plan, I won’t have to pay for a big chunk of the cost! Before updating about Eddie, I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite styles/patterns for this spring, and if you like them, you can check them out on my website.

This is my new hamper!  It stands almost 2 feet tall and has a divider in the middle, making it perfect for separating lights and darks!

This is the Room for Two Utility Tote.  It is my new hamper!  It has a divider in the middle which makes it perfect for separating lights and darks!

I use this bag as my every day purse.  You can fit SO much inside, and the seven pockets on the outside keep you super organized!

The Organizing Utility Tote is my every day purse.  It holds SO much inside!  Plus it has 7 exterior pockets, which makes organization a breeze!

This is a new product for this spring, and you can purchase one for only $5 in February for every $31 you spend!  It's a steal!

Finally, the Keep It Caddy is new this spring!  It is a smaller organizer than that OUT above, but still holds a lot!  It is on special this February: for every $31 you spend, you can get one of these for only $5!


-Eddie had surgery on February 5.  He will be one-week post-op tomorrow!  He’s doing really well after surgery and is in minimal pain.  After surgery he had some discomfort and pain for a few days, but he’s doing great so far!  He ended up being able to have it done laparoscopically, so all he has to show on the outside is 6 small 1-inch incisions on his abdomen.  For the first two weeks after surgery, he has to be on a full liquid diet, to allow his stomach to heal.  Two weeks after that, it’s onto pureed foods (which sound gross to me, but after not eating much for several weeks, Eddie is looking forward to something different!).  Eventually he will be able to incorporate solid foods again, but he will be restricted in the amount and type of food he can eat.  His new stomach only holds about 1/4 a cup at a time, so it seems like he is eating all day.  It will take him an hour or more to eat/drink a few ounces, then it’s time to start all over again.  He’s eating 6 times per day and reports that he’s feeling full despite not eating a whole lot.  The main thing they want him to get in is 70-90g protein per day.  He found a protein shake he really likes that gives him almost 40g per shake, which is a big help!  So far between the pre-surgery diet and one week after surgery, he is 30 pounds less than he was 3 weeks ago.  Obviously his weight loss will be dramatic in the beginning as his body is adjusting, so it’s not like he’s going to lose 10 pounds a week forever and be at goal in the blink of an eye.  It’s a process!  He’s also been going on short walks 2-3 times a day, increasing the distance as he can tolerate it.  He’s doing really well and I’m super proud of him!