I’ve never really liked clothes shopping. I’ve always been a bigger girl, and as a young girl I had to shop at adult women stores to find clothes, because the clothes in the kids section didn’t fit. I never got to wear cute, trendy things, but instead had to wear more mature styles because that’s what the women’s stores sold. As I’ve gotten older, more variety has started to exist with more stores carrying plus sizes. I still never enjoyed shopping, but did so out of necessity. However, as I have begun to drop weight, I find myself thinking about new styles and clothing with more variety than the standard screen-printed tee and jeans. So this past weekend, the mister an I went shopping-and it was fun!


^I tried this top on at old navy, an xxl in “regular” sizes rather than plus. I felt self-conscious about it around my middle, so didn’t get it, but it was still an exciting victory!20130624-094227.jpg

^these capris are from Kohl’s. I’ve never shopped there before for clothes, but gave it a try and liked some of their stuff! I bought them and they are super cute!20130624-094250.jpg

^I’m really not a dress person, but I saw this dress and had to try it on! I loved it and am going to wear it next month at my Thirty-one conference dinner!20130624-094304.jpg
^and last is a pic of me getting ready to head out last night in a new top-size 18! (I was wearing 26/28 before surgery).


Weekend in Photos.

This weekend, the mister and I went to Indiana (and Michigan briefly!) for a little getaway.  We have a hobby called letterboxing (google it!) and were heading up there for an event for people that are into the hobby.  The short version is that letterboxing is a scavenger hunt of sorts.  There are ones that are easy to get, where you just drive by, hop out, and grab the box, or there are ones that you locate while on hikes.  Last year at this event, Eddie and I weren’t physically able to get out and do much of the letterboxing that involved hiking.  We mostly did the quick and easy ones, or just hung around with other boxers at the pavilion.  This year though, we had different plans!  Check out our weekend through some pics that I took!


Here we are waiting to be seated for dinner on Friday night at the Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, IN.  Going to a brewery, you’d expect lots of beer and bar food, right?  Wrong.  We drank water, and Eddie got the artisan meat & cheese plate, and I got the hummus plate.  And OMG it was all so good!


After dinner, we headed to Washington Park to watch the sunset over Lake Michigan.  Previously, we would have dreaded walking ALLLL the way to the water because of the difficult-to-walk-in sand!  But not this time.  We just walked right out there and enjoyed ourselves and the view!


We also walked on the boardwalk all the way to this lighthouse!  From the beach, you kind of have to climb up onto the boardwalk, which I didn’t think I would physically be able to do.  But guess what?  We both were!  After we walked all the way to the lighthouse, we had to climb down off the taller part of the boardwalk to get on the main sidewalk for the walk back.  You had to climb down a small metal ladder, which I was afraid of & didn’t think I could do.  Well, yet again, I was able to do it!  My body keeps surprising me!


The next day is when we went to the Indiana Dunes State Park.  We chose to do a 3-4 mile loop, then shoot off from that loop and climb one of the dunes.  We would have NEVER attempted that in the past.  You had to climb climb climb, up up up for probably close to a mile to get up here!  But once we made it, the feeling of accomplishment was amazing!  


We were pooped when we got to the top, as you can see… but we did it!!!


After a full day of letterboxing, we would have gone home and taken a nap in the past.  This time though, we went to the hotel, took a dip in the pool, then decided to drive the short distance to Michigan to hit up one of their beaches.  Eddie even taught me how to skip rocks, which I’m getting ready to attempt in this picture.  And can you believe, a full-body picture of me, posted voluntarily (that’s not a progress pic)?  THAT is something that wouldn’t have happened in the past EVER!



A year ago, I would have missed these beautiful Indiana & Michigan sunsets because I wouldn’t have been able to walk all the way out to the beach, let alone stand out there for an extended period of time wading in the water & collecting rocks!  


And you know what else I could do this year when I got tired?  I could sit down on the ground and not be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get back up!  


So thankful for an amazing weekend with my mister, making memories!

One month down

I’m officially over a month out from surgery!  It’s honestly not been as bad as I thought it would be, or as difficult.  Maybe I’m just really fortunate in that respect!  The first two weeks post-op, I was on a full liquid diet, then the next two weeks were pureed foods.  Now I am finally on the “soft” food stage, which is more “normal”.  I can eat meats now, which is delightful!  I’m able to get my protein in just by food most days, so less protein shakes going on up in here!  

I went for my 1 month follow-up this week, and I am down over 40 pounds, which is 21% of my excess weight!  Only 79% more to go!  Eddie had his 4 month follow up, and he is 115 pounds down (WOO!), which is 65% of his excess weight!  Unbelievable!  The nurse was super happy with our results and said she wished all patients were as compliant (and therefore as successful) as we are!

I have gone down one size, and find myself floating around in some clothes that I thought I could still wear, but clearly cannot because they are huge on me!  But even better than going down a clothing size is a huge fact: I can now put on my own socks without looking and feeling like I’ve run a marathon.  Prior to surgery putting my socks on was extremely difficult.  I would be sweaty and winded at the end of it.  Most days I would have Eddie put my socks on because it was easier.  But I’m proud to say that I can successfully put them on independently these days, and I don’t get sweaty OR winded!  I’m looking forward to seeing the other changes that I go through during this process!

Due to the weight loss going on in our house, we have TONS of clothes to get rid of.  We’re having a garage sale at the end of June, so if you’re local and need plus size women’s or big & tall men’s clothing, leave a comment and I will give you details!

I’ve had a number of people in my personal life inquire about the surgery and the process in general.  I know it can be exciting to see the results and think that it’s such a simple answer to weight loss, but I hope to show that there’s a lot of work involved in the whole process.  If anyone is considering surgery I highly recommend doing your research, going to seminars and support groups, and really thinking long and hard if it’s a decision that’s right for you.  For our family, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made, but it hasn’t come without a lot of work on our part too!