One month down

I’m officially over a month out from surgery!  It’s honestly not been as bad as I thought it would be, or as difficult.  Maybe I’m just really fortunate in that respect!  The first two weeks post-op, I was on a full liquid diet, then the next two weeks were pureed foods.  Now I am finally on the “soft” food stage, which is more “normal”.  I can eat meats now, which is delightful!  I’m able to get my protein in just by food most days, so less protein shakes going on up in here!  

I went for my 1 month follow-up this week, and I am down over 40 pounds, which is 21% of my excess weight!  Only 79% more to go!  Eddie had his 4 month follow up, and he is 115 pounds down (WOO!), which is 65% of his excess weight!  Unbelievable!  The nurse was super happy with our results and said she wished all patients were as compliant (and therefore as successful) as we are!

I have gone down one size, and find myself floating around in some clothes that I thought I could still wear, but clearly cannot because they are huge on me!  But even better than going down a clothing size is a huge fact: I can now put on my own socks without looking and feeling like I’ve run a marathon.  Prior to surgery putting my socks on was extremely difficult.  I would be sweaty and winded at the end of it.  Most days I would have Eddie put my socks on because it was easier.  But I’m proud to say that I can successfully put them on independently these days, and I don’t get sweaty OR winded!  I’m looking forward to seeing the other changes that I go through during this process!

Due to the weight loss going on in our house, we have TONS of clothes to get rid of.  We’re having a garage sale at the end of June, so if you’re local and need plus size women’s or big & tall men’s clothing, leave a comment and I will give you details!

I’ve had a number of people in my personal life inquire about the surgery and the process in general.  I know it can be exciting to see the results and think that it’s such a simple answer to weight loss, but I hope to show that there’s a lot of work involved in the whole process.  If anyone is considering surgery I highly recommend doing your research, going to seminars and support groups, and really thinking long and hard if it’s a decision that’s right for you.  For our family, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made, but it hasn’t come without a lot of work on our part too!


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