I’ve never really liked clothes shopping. I’ve always been a bigger girl, and as a young girl I had to shop at adult women stores to find clothes, because the clothes in the kids section didn’t fit. I never got to wear cute, trendy things, but instead had to wear more mature styles because that’s what the women’s stores sold. As I’ve gotten older, more variety has started to exist with more stores carrying plus sizes. I still never enjoyed shopping, but did so out of necessity. However, as I have begun to drop weight, I find myself thinking about new styles and clothing with more variety than the standard screen-printed tee and jeans. So this past weekend, the mister an I went shopping-and it was fun!


^I tried this top on at old navy, an xxl in “regular” sizes rather than plus. I felt self-conscious about it around my middle, so didn’t get it, but it was still an exciting victory!20130624-094227.jpg

^these capris are from Kohl’s. I’ve never shopped there before for clothes, but gave it a try and liked some of their stuff! I bought them and they are super cute!20130624-094250.jpg

^I’m really not a dress person, but I saw this dress and had to try it on! I loved it and am going to wear it next month at my Thirty-one conference dinner!20130624-094304.jpg
^and last is a pic of me getting ready to head out last night in a new top-size 18! (I was wearing 26/28 before surgery).


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