Results Not Typical

You know how you’ll see ads on TV for diets or exercise plans, and they’ll show amazing pictures of people’s progress?  And then in tiny letters underneath them, it says “Results not typical”?  Well I feel like that’s Eddie!  He is almost 7 months out from surgery, and is less than 15 pounds from his goal weight.  And it’s not like he had a small amount to lose… he had probably 175 pounds to lose once he had surgery.  And he’s lost 162 pounds of it already!  I’m so proud of him, and he’s doing so awesome!  I wanted to share his “Results not typical” pictures with all of you!

August 2011, highest weight

August 2011, highest weight

August 2011, at probably one of his highest weights.
August 2011, at probably one of his highest weights.

July 2013, skinny boy
July 2013, skinny boy

August 2013 looking good!

August 2013 looking good!


Amazing, huh?!!?




Well all my worry was for nothing! We went to six flags and I fit! We rode roller coasters, did water rides, and even did the Dare devil drop, which is a huge bungee drop type of thing (terrifying!). I will let the pictures speak for themselves!




We bought our tickets at Jewel beforehand and saved $20 a ticket! No turning back after that!


Waiting in line for our first ride: The Superman. Note the look of terror!



I survived! And it was fun!


We did a Roaring Rapids ride where you might get a little wet… or a little soaked! We are drenched in this picture!


Dare Devil Drop. This isn’t us, but that tiny little black lump in the sky… that’s another couple getting ready to do the drop. They harness you up, clip you to the cord, then slowly pull you up to the top. It’s SO high! Then they count down, and one of you has to pull the rip cord (Eddie!), and you free fall, then swing back and forth until you slow down. You feel like you’re going to DIE when you free fall, but it’s so fun! We did it twice!

Facing the Fear

So when I was about 16 or 17, I went to a local county fair with a friend.  We rode rides, as most teenagers do, and had a good time.  Until we went to ride one more.  It was a ride with a chest harness that had to come over the head and fasten between the legs.  And I didn’t fit.  It wouldn’t close.  

And I haven’t ridden a ride since then.

I was so embarrassed that I was too big for the ride (and at that time, I really wasn’t as big as I thought I was!), and I have been afraid to not fit ever since.  I will ride the occasional ride at the fair that doesn’t require a restraint, but I did not want to face the embarrassment of not fitting ever again.

Before surgery, Eddie and I made a post-WLS bucket list of sorts.  And at the top of the list was to go to a theme park.  We live about 3.5 hours from Six Flags Great America, so that was the goal.  Eddie has most certainly lost enough weight to for sure ride on the rides with no problem.  But I anticipated that I would wait a little longer, until I had lost more weight before I would go.

But we have decided to celebrate our 4th anniversary by going to Great America this weekend!  I am terrified that I still won’t fit, but I’m told that most of the rides have sample seats at the entrance of the ride so that you can sit in it and be sure you will be comfortable.  I hope that is the case.  I feel super anxious about it, but I don’t want to miss out on a really good time just due to anxiety and fear.  I missed out on a lot because of my weight, and I’ll be damned if I’m still going to miss out because of insecurities.  

Maybe there will be some rides that I don’t fit on, but that’s OK, there will also be ones that I can fit on and enjoy (and heck, there’s a water park there too… if nothing else I can lounge in the pool!).  Just gotta face that fear and see what happens!