Well all my worry was for nothing! We went to six flags and I fit! We rode roller coasters, did water rides, and even did the Dare devil drop, which is a huge bungee drop type of thing (terrifying!). I will let the pictures speak for themselves!




We bought our tickets at Jewel beforehand and saved $20 a ticket! No turning back after that!


Waiting in line for our first ride: The Superman. Note the look of terror!



I survived! And it was fun!


We did a Roaring Rapids ride where you might get a little wet… or a little soaked! We are drenched in this picture!


Dare Devil Drop. This isn’t us, but that tiny little black lump in the sky… that’s another couple getting ready to do the drop. They harness you up, clip you to the cord, then slowly pull you up to the top. It’s SO high! Then they count down, and one of you has to pull the rip cord (Eddie!), and you free fall, then swing back and forth until you slow down. You feel like you’re going to DIE when you free fall, but it’s so fun! We did it twice!


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