Working It

I’ve never considered myself an active person.  I’ve never enjoyed exercise, and PE was my least favorite class in the world.  I guess when I was in middle school I did play softball, and did enjoy that, but because it was fun to me, it didn’t feel like exercise.  Since surgery, diet alone has dropped the bulk of my weight.  I have done light exercise like walking or biking around town, but not much that burns a whole lot of calories.  I knew it was probably time to amp up my exercise, as I’ve been hovering around the same 5-10 pounds for 6 weeks now.  

An acquaintance of mine teaches a Zumba class one evening a week, and I ran into her a few weeks ago and she encouraged me to try it.  I was very nervous, as I don’t particularly consider myself comfortable dancing about in front of strangers (I don’t even dance in front of my husband!), but I talked to a friend to see if she would join me, so we both attended our first Zumba class in late August.  And I loved it!  I certainly wasn’t as graceful as some people were, but I was moving and I was having fun, and I WASN’T WATCHING THE CLOCK TO SEE WHEN IT WOULD END!

I decided I should see if there were other Zumba options in the area for other days of the week, and I tried out a couple more.  My favorite continues to be my Monday night class though!  Around this same time, I decided to apply for a scholarship at the YMCA to see if the mister and I could get discounted memberships.  We just simply cannot afford $60+ per month for a membership for us.  Thankfully, a couple weeks after applying, we received a 70% scholarship for 6 months, meaning we only have to pay $20/month total!  What a blessing!  Since getting our membership, we have gone several times each to different fitness classes.  I enjoy going to Zumba here as well, as it’s pretty challenging and pushes me!  We’ve also tried a BodyPump class, which I had heard people talk about, but never considered trying for myself until Eddie said he wanted to try it.  It’s a barbell class that works your whole body (you can certainly feel it several days afterwards too!).  

I’m proud of us for using the membership and finding classes that are a good fit for us. I actually enjoy being active now!  I don’t dread going to the gym, as I have for my whole life!  And on days that we don’t go to the gym, I’m actually suggesting other things to do (today we are going for a hike after work!).  Who am I?!!?  I wondered after surgery if I would change mentally, or just physically.  I was worried that my physical would change, but that mentally I would still be heavy and unmotivated.  But pleasantly, as my body has morphed, so has my mind!  (And I have to give some credit to therapy too!  I strongly recommend anyone considering bariatric surgery also be enrolled in counseling, because the surgery itself isn’t going to “fix” whatever it was that made you reach that point to begin with!)

So while the scale may not be my friend right now (like I said, it’s not been budging for AWHILE), I try not to just think about the number.   I think about all these other things that I’m doing and how much better I’m feeling, and let that be the ultimate measure of my success!


(waiting for Zumba to begin!)


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