So, I got labs drawn on day 4 of my cycle this month. 11 tubes worth of blood. All kinds of tests that I’m not even entirely sure what all they were, but a big long list for the reproductive panel Dr Fay requested. All of them have come back, with the exception of my cystic fibrosis screen, which is not really pertinent to my fertility. And all of them are perfectly normal.

I also had my pelvic ultrasound yesterday. For those who have never had one, let me fill you in. They give you a giant “probe” that you have to insert, then they move it around to get images of your uterus and ovaries. The doctor will tell you it’s not going to be any bigger than a tampon, but she is lying. That sucker is huge. I had my test at 8am and by 2pm the office had called me with my results. Perfectly normal.

So, this is good news. Eddie has good swimmers, my egg reserve is good , my uterus and ovaries are good… So now what? Next we do the X-ray procedure of my tubes. They put a catheter in through the cervix and shoot dye so that they can see if it flows through your tubes or not. The tubes have to be open for an egg to get where it needs to go, so this is the next step we take. If there is a problem with my tubes, we will go from there. If not, we go a different route. Last month I didn’t get a positive ovulation test, so I will test again this month and if I get a positive I will have another blood test.

I’m glad we are eliminating things. So far so good, which is positive. But I also hope we have some answers soon so that we can find a solution! Baby LaRosa, get in my belly!

One thought on ““Normal”

  1. I haven’t checked on you in FOREVER and WOW!! So exciting! I hope everything works out soon and you get that baby! Kids are wonderful 🙂 Also looked through your pics and you and Eddie BOTH look really good! You sound happy too. Glad married life is treating you well 🙂

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