“Beautiful looking tubes”

I went for my X-ray procedure of my tubes today. It has a really long name that I can’t really remember, but more details can be found here:

As always, I want to be as transparent as possible so that those who may be reading this and going through something similar might find this useful. Keep in mind this was just my experience, so yours may differ.
We arrived about 15 min before my appt today to check in in radiology. Once checked in, I got called back and had to undress from the waist down. Eddie was allowed to be in the room from the get-go, which was nice. He did have to wear an apron to protect himself from the radiation. Once I was undressed, I had to wait for Dr. Fay. There were two x-ray techs (one was in training, so normally might just be one of them) plus the doctor, plus she had a student, which I allowed to be present. Plus Eddie. So counting me, we had 6 people all checking out my reproductive organs.

They had me get on the table, and there were stirrups of some kind on the end. Not like the ones I was used to from going to the gyno, but ones you put your whole legs in “for comfort” (whatever!). After scooting to the end, they inserted the speculum, then used Betadine three times on my cervix (which the doctor said looked lovely). After that, it was time to insert the catheter into my cervix. She described it as being a pinch, but I would say it was more like a violent stab. Everyone is different though, and it wasn’t unbearable, but it was uncomfortable and a little painful. Once inserted, she then injected the liquid iodine which allowed her to get pictures of my uterus and tubes. When that was injected it felt like bad cramps. Uncomfortable again , but bearable. I had to adjust a tiny bit so she could make sure she got images that were good, then she removed everything. When everything was removed, some of the iodine leaks out, along with some blood, but that’s normal. It feels pretty gross though.

She had me sit up, and showed me the pictures of my “beautiful looking tubes” as she said. They were open and normal as could be. We talked about what the next steps would be. I will continue to use ovulation tests this month, and if no ovulation/pregnancy, then next month we will start on an ovulation stimulation medication.

Since the X-ray, I’ve been pretty crampy, but that’s normal. I had to take an antibiotic the day before, day of, and day after, and take a couple aleve before the test. Other than that , I feel pretty good. No worse than a month of bad cramps.

So, now we know that our parts work! This is great news, so hopefully we will have a successful pregnancy soon!!!


2 thoughts on ““Beautiful looking tubes”

  1. I sure hope so I would love to see you as a mom cause you are sweet and make a great one. Just remember not to try so hard sweetie The Lord knows when. I’ll keep you in my prayers. love you

  2. I think it just goes by HSP. After I had mine they found out that I had a bicorneate uterus, but not enough for it to play a huge factor. So you got even better news! I better start planning your baby present..

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