Lt. Dan, You Got New Legs!

Those that know me personally, or have known me online for awhile know that my husband has some seriously jacked knees.  Prior to this summer, he’s had 6 knee surgeries (3 on each), two of those he’s had since I’ve known him.  He’s been told that he could use new knees, but is far too young at only 28.  In the past, he’s also been told that he needed a reconstructive surgery on his bones to correct misalignment from years of walking on them in the condition they’re in.

The hitch was that he weighed almost 400 pounds.  He needed to be fixed, but due to his weight, no one would fix him, because as a 400 pound severe diabetic smoker, his odds for a successful recovery were slim.

Well, fast forward a year and a half, and my husband is now a 160 pound healthy non-smoker!  He’s still too young to get replacements, but my second favorite man in the world, Dr. Romanelli of the Orthopedic Center of Illinois in Springfield is working on fixing him!

We went to see him in May, a couple years after seeing him initially. Within a week, Eddie was scheduled for an osteotomy. On June 3, he went under the knife at St John’s in Springfield. The whole experience went off without a hitch. Surgery went very well, and after an overnight stay we were on our way! Recovery was slow at first, he had to use crutches and wear an immobilizing brace for over a month, but slowly he was able to use it more and more. He is now healed enough to not have to wear his brace or use the crutches. He has less pain in his “new” leg than in his old one.

For those that didn’t choose to google osteotomy, essentially they take a pizza slice of bone out of his leg then break the bone to straighten it, put in a plate and screws, then wait for it to heal. And about two months after surgery, he is healed enough to schedule surgery number two!

Hopefully in the next month Eddie will get scheduled for his right leg osteotomy then he will have two new legs!!! 2014 will end on a great note!!!


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