I had labs done Tuesday, one week after ovulation, to test my progesterone. Results came back today. My level was 7.86 which does indicate I ovulated, as I knew I did, but that the quality of my ovulation isn’t great. She said they would like to see a level greater than 10. She said there is medication that can be given to increase the quality, but they won’t give it until my BMI is under 40. And right now mine is 44. I have had a BMI of under 40 before, earlier this year, as a matter of fact, but due to my recent gain, it’s put me over.

So, this will be even more motivation to get back on track and lose the weight. It’s possible that with further weight loss my ovulation will improve naturally, but time will tell. I do feel a little bummed that I am considered too fat for fertility meds, but I just have to take that and work with it and correct the problem. It’s about 25-30 pounds I will need to lose before I can get the meds. At least that will give me time to get the breast mass removed so that it’s over and done with.

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