Year in Review

It’s been awhile!  So long in fact, that it’s once again a new year!  I know I blogged a bit about the happenings in 2014, but I didn’t write about all the highlights, so I thought I would try to do a little recap of sorts.  So, here goes!

January: Last January is when we got the sad news of Poppy’s cancer diagnosis.  Much of the month was spent in the hospital or at the nursing home figuring out what the best plan would be to make his last weeks or months as comfortable as possible.  Before the cancer totally took over his brain and he lost his ability to make conversation, we were able to talk about how we probably didn’t have much time left, and I was able to tell him what a wonderful Poppy he had been to me.  I’m so thankful for that conversation.  Even though his mind wasn’t clear most of the time, he seemed to understand and appreciate what I was saying.  At the end of the month, we made the decision to enter into hospice care while he lived out his final days in the nursing home.  My sister Hope had come up this month too, as we knew there probably wasn’t much time left.

February: On the 3rd, Poppy passed away peacefully in his sleep.  I usually went to the nursing home once per day, but on this particular day I felt a pull to go a second time.  That second time he wasn’t awake any longer and couldn’t communicate, but when I told him I loved him and that when he was ready, I was ready, he squeezed my hand.  About 3 hours later we got the call that he had passed away.  We had a graveside service with Military Honors, which is what he had always requested.  Hope stayed a couple more weeks then headed back home to Louisiana.

March: I can’t remember much exciting going on in March, except for the beginning of the big task of cleaning out my parents’ home.  Over 25 years of things had accumulated and it was a big job to have to go through everything and decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to sell.  It would be several more months before I was able to even make a dent in all the stuff!

April: Eddie and I took a vacation to Las Vegas this month!  We had been once before, for about 24 hours, but this time we went for several days.  We stayed at Luxor, the big pyramid.  Our first room didn’t have a working air conditioner, so we got upgraded to a nicer room in a newer part of the building!  We had a good time seeing the strip, going through old Vegas, the Mob Museum, and even Kount’s Kustoms.  And of course we gambled!  It was fun, but after a few days we were ready to go home!

May: We took a family vacation with some extended family this month.  We stayed in Kissimmee, FL in an amazing house!  While there we spent a day at SeaWorld, a day at Magic Kingdom, a day at Cocoa Beach, and a day at Clearwater Beach.  Eddie and I even parasailed while at Clearwater Beach!  While in that area we also got to visit Eddie’s Aunt Peggy & Pam, which was nice (and even got the secret salsa recipe!).  I believe it was this month that we also began the process of selling my parents’ house–to my mother-in-law!  At the end of the month, Eddie went back to see Dr. Romanelli, who a couple years before told Eddie if he lost weight he would fix his legs!

June: Eddie underwent his first osteotomy this month, on his left knee!  It was an overnight stay in Springfield, then home with an immobilizer and crutches for a few weeks.  He bounced back pretty quickly from this surgery, which is usually how it goes for him!

July: The sale of my parents’ house was finalized this month!  How neat that my childhood home gets to stay in our family!  We went to Columbus, OH for my annual Thirty-one conference this month.  It was a much better drive than the year before when we drove to Atlanta!  It was a lot of fun, and of course Eddie was a great HOT (Husband of Thirty-one)!  This was the month that I also noticed a huge mass in my breast.  Went to the doctor this month to begin finding out what that was all about.

August: Eddie and I celebrated 5 years of marriage this month!  We celebrated with a long weekend trip to Saugatuck, MI to stay at an amazing bed & breakfast, The Belvedere!  We stayed in the best suite in the house, which was pretty much the size of our house!  After returning, it was time for Eddie to have his second surgery, his right osteotomy!  This leg was in worse shape than the first, so he had more pain this time around.  Also this month I had a needle biopsy to find out what was going on with my mass.  Initial results came back that it was just a fibroadenoma, but due to the size of the mass, it was recommended to have it removed.

September: The month started with me having a surgical biopsy to remove the egg-sized mass in my breast.  It was just an outpatient procedure with sedation, then I got to go home with lots of ice packs for my boob!  I had to go see my surgeon on my birthday to find out the results–which turned out to be negative for cancer!  Quite a birthday present!

October: Eddie was still healing from his knee this month, but was cleared to drive finally.  He began helping his brother with driving for his new welding business.  He took a trip out to Colorado and Texas about mid-month.  While he was gone, my sweet Pretty Girl passed away, after many happy years with us!  She is missed!  Also this month I started to sell custom crochet items, and got an overwhelming response for Christmas gifts!

November: Eddie was gone for almost 3 weeks this month, driving out in Colorado and Texas.  While he was gone, my sister Hope came up for a visit and stayed through Thanksgiving!  It was nice to be able to have a visit that wasn’t centered on illness or death!  We also got to celebrate Thanksgiving at Jackie’s new house (my old house!), which was pretty neat!

December: Eddie found out that his surgery from August was still not healed up.  He essentially still had a broken bone that was being held together by just a plate and some screws.  He was given doctor’s orders not to work until further notice, and he has to wear a bone stimulator to encourage bone growth for 10 hours a day.  We celebrated Christmas in Monticello, once again at Jackie’s new home!  New year’s eve was also rung in there!

There you have it!  I’m sure I forgot some of the highlights, but here are the ones that jump out at me!  2015 is sure to be a good year too, I will write soon about the plans we have in the works for this year!