Five years

A little over five years ago my mom died.  When I think about how long five years seems, that seems like a long time.  That’s longer than one (typically) spends in high school, or in college… and that stretch of time seemed like an ETERNITY.  But the five years since my mom left… that seems like it zoomed by.

I typically will try to celebrate my mom’s birthday by doing something she loved to do–go to Red Lobster.  This year though, it wasn’t in the budget.  My day was still sprinkled with memories of her though.  I started the morning by picking Lilies of the Valley from my front yard.  I’ve never been able to do that before, I always had to go to my old house (where my in-laws live now) to pick them.  A few weeks ago though, Eddie dug some up and transplanted them to our yard!  The fact that I could go right out front and pick my mom’s favorite flowers was super sweet.

Later in the day, I ran into a cousin at the store… I haven’t seen this cousin in years… heck maybe even a decade.  I come from a suuuuuuper large family–my mom had 16 siblings, so there are literally hundreds of cousins.  We stopped and chit-chatted and caught up a little.  That’s something my mom would have loved, because family was really important to her.  She loved all her nieces and nephews and would have been tickled to hear that I ran into one after so long.

After work I stopped by Dairy Queen and got a Dilly Bar.  I figured since I couldn’t have Red Lobster, I would celebrate with ice cream that we used to get.  We used to go through the drive-thru on a hot summer day and get a dilly bar to share.  She would always let me bite off the little swirl on the front first!  So that’s just what I did!

When I got home, I helped Eddie do some work in the yard.  While I was working, a bird pooped on me!  He says it’s good luck apparently.  At any rate, my mom loved birds, and I watch them every day at our bird feeders (especially the cardinal couple that comes).  I see the boy cardinal far more often.  It seems like the female one is always just out of sight… she will make an appearance then hide in the trees.  The other day while sitting outside, I actually said “She doesn’t come around very often, then when she does, it’s so hard to see her.”  Since then I’ve been thinking about that in relation to my mom, and other people I’ve lost.  And I’ve made an effort to see them.  Like in all the little things I did yesterday to remember my sweet mom.  They are still there, you just have to look for them.