Next Steps & Fundraising

I feel like a lot has happened since our last appointment at MFS.  In reality, not much has happened, but it feels like we are making progress!  First of all, I am down almost 12 pounds toward my goal of losing 30.  This is great news!  For those that have been asking me what my “baby diet” (as I refer to it) is, basically I am just following a low carb/high protein diet.  Not like crazy low carb though–I’m trying to stay under 100 g per day, and get my protein as close to 100 (or more) as possible.  This is essentially the same diet I followed post WLS, but I am consuming around 1400 calories a day, which is more than I could hold after WLS.  And clearly it is working!  I’m also tracking everything with myfitnesspal’s app, which is super helpful.  I’ve lost my weight so far with just the diet modification, no exercise.  Obviously in the beginning, weight falls off faster, so I don’t anticipate that the remaining weight will come off as quickly as this first chunk did.

We have been in communication with MFS to discuss our fertility plan and our next steps to work towards that.  I will share more details about our fertility plan in the coming days/weeks.  I was instructed to call once my next cycle started, so that I could get scheduled for my uterine cavity study.  They like to do this around the second week of your cycle to have the lowest risk of infection.  Essentially this is like a dry-run of IVF.  They will insert a small catheter through my cervix, but instead of injecting an embryo, they will inject saline.  They will then use an ultrasound to get images of my uterus so that they know what they are working with.  They want to know that my uterus looks healthy and that there are no unexpected surprises.  While I am having that lovely test done, Eddie will also be there for an appointment of his own.  His will likely be a lot more fun for him than mine will be for me.  Yes, he has to provide a “specimen”.  When he did this a few years ago, he was able to do so from the comfort of our own home and then deliver it.  This time, no delivery is possible when it’s a 2.5 hour drive!  Additionally, we both will have urine and labs tested for their routine infectious disease screen.

As part of our fertility plan, we are required to also attend a one-hour counseling session at a nearby behavioral health center called The Cabin.  Basically we are just having a consultation to discuss how to best cope with the process of IVF and the feelings associated with that whole process.  It’s basically an appointment to equip us with tools to enhance our fertility treatment experience.  Because we are located in Illinois and they are in Indiana, we are able to do a phone session, but since we will be there next week for all of the above tests, we decided to just go ahead and schedule in person.  So next Wednesday will be a very busy day for us–testing/procedures in the early afternoon, then our counseling session in the late afternoon.  Things are moving along!

Some of you may have seen my recent fundraising post that I shared on facebook.  We started a fundraising site through Razoo, as their fees are the lowest of reputable fundraising sites we researched.  There are details on that page (linked below) about the costs we are facing and how we will use the money that friends/family so generously donate to us.  Please don’t feel obligated, but if you are inclined to help us reach our goals, you have no idea how appreciated it would be.  Several friends have already donated, and I want you to know that we intend to be very transparent about what we spend the funds on–they will be used exclusively for our fertility treatment and costs associated with that.  What a relief it is to know that next week when we go for our counseling session (a $120 fee), half of that will have been covered by our sweet friends who donated.  Additionally, our gas for the trip has been covered as well.  We are SO, SO appreciative and thankful.

It was a hard decision to make to create a fundraising page–sometimes people give the side eye when people create pages to raise money for things that aren’t terminal illnesses or great tragedy.  The best way we can think to share why we created one was simply put: we felt we needed to.  Sometimes people are willing to help, but all you have to do is ask.  And if we don’t ask for your generosity, then we likely won’t receive it.  Eddie and I have had a tough 7.5 years of marriage, health-wise.  for 6.5 of those years, Eddie was unable to work full-time due to physical injury/disability (though not deemed disabled in Social Security’s eyes, so no income coming in for him).  During this time, I was the sole breadwinner, working at our local mental health center.  If you know much about most behavioral health centers, their employees are not paid extravagantly.  We made this work for 6.5 years and did not ask for help.  We did what we had to do.  Thankfully, we are both able to work full-time now, and I also work a part-time job, but we both make very modest salaries, ones that don’t afford the luxury of having an extra $20,000 laying around in savings.  THIS is why we are asking for your help.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes it takes that same village to make a child too!

If you feel inclined to donate to our fundraiser, I promise that you will know where your money is going.  I will be sharing regularly what part of our fertility journey you helped fund!  And if you’re not able to donate, we would love if you shared our story with others who may be in a position to help financially.  Thank you so much for everyone’s support, monetarily and otherwise!

Here is the link to our site:



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