Monday Morning Musings

We got our first denial letter on Friday for our fertility services.  I put it on the back burner and chose not to worry about it until today (not that there was anything I could do before today, but I could certainly worry about it–it’s my specialty!)  So today I started by calling Health Alliance to find out more information.  They informed me that they didn’t receive enough necessary information, so a denial was automatic.  She couldn’t tell me what additional information would be considered “necessary” so I asked questions about if I needed to provide this or that and I got a canned response of, “Anything you think is pertinent.”

So then the phone calls to MFS to see if they can guide me any further or resubmit for authorization.  They are very helpful, and Mary in their business office is good at what she does, so I know she’s on it.  I had to leave a message and was called back within 20 minutes.  How awesome, especially for a Monday morning!

My final call was to the bank to set up a safety net just in case we end up having to pay up front for things due to insurance being a butt head.  If push comes to shove, we will pay what we have to pay and then hopefully be reimbursed partially by insurance.

You know, when people have children, they would do anything for them.  They fight for them, they advocate for them, they do what they have to do for their children.  We are doing that too, we are just doing it before the actual child exists.  We won’t be swayed by these roadblocks.  We will have our family, one way or another!  I spend my career advocating for others–now it’s time to do it for myself!

In the event you feel compelled to help us fight our fight for Baby LaRosa, please check out our fundraising link!  The help friends and family have provided thus far is wonderful and is truly a blessing!


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