We’re getting there!

I went this morning for my follow-up ultrasound after being on Estrogen for about 12 days.  They want to see an endometrial lining of at least 8 and I was at 10.4mm, so that is excellent news!  They also drew blood, so as long as my progesterone level is good (they want to see it low to know I haven’t ovulated on my own this month already) then we are a go for a transfer in the next week!

As long as the labs are good, fertilization will happen in the lab on Thursday and I will begin my progesterone injections, then we will watch our little embryos for a couple days to see what they are up to.  Depending on their progress, we will either transfer on day 3 (Sunday) or day 5 (Tuesday).  We may have ourselves a little Easter Egg Embryo!  After the transfer, we will have a waiting period where we hope and pray that our embryo implants and then we hope to hear the positive news that we are pregnant!

I truly never thought I would actually have a baby.  I mean, I wanted one, and I hoped it would happen for us, but I had accepted that I would just be the kick ass aunt rather than the kick ass mom.  And I realize nothing is a sure thing.  There are a million things that have to line up for us to actually get our baby in our arms… but this is the closest we have ever been to actually making that happen.  It seems totally unbelievable!

Please continue to think happy thoughts for us, and we are hoping that our 2017 luck is changing for the better!


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