Share Your Joy

*Please keep in mind that not everyone struggling with infertility shares my same opinions, but these are mine.*

We had hoped by this Mother’s Day I would be carrying a baby.  Things didn’t work out with that timeline.

But It’s Okay.

We may not ever end up getting pregnant.  There may never be a child that calls me “Mom” or calls Eddie “Dad”.

But It’s Okay.

There are many of you in my life who have beautiful children, beautiful families–some which came easily to you and others who had to wait many months–sometimes years–to have that beautiful family.

And It’s Okay.

I think sometimes when you share about infertility, people worry that if they talk about their child, their pregnancy, their JOY, that it will somehow be hurtful to you.  I want you to share your joy.  Don’t let someone else’s heartache diminish the joy YOU feel.  Celebrate what you have, be grateful for what you have, and share it with others.  Because joy deserves to be shared!

It’s Okay.

So for my friends and family who are pregnant–keep sharing those sonogram and baby shower pictures.  I want to see your excitement.  Those celebrating their first Mother’s Day this weekend, I want to share in your happiness!  Those who also are struggling with infertility and finally get that positive pregnancy test, I want to celebrate right along side you!

Share Your Joy.

It’s Okay.