Plugging along

Pretty much because that’s all you can ever really do.  2016 was a pretty good year.  We know that.  We were thankful for that.  But we knew it wasn’t the norm.  It was the exception.  Life tends to think the LaRosa family is tough (and we are) and we can handle gobs and gobs of shit.  And then more shit.  And we do, because that’s what you have to do.

2016 was the year of no surgeries.  For the first time since Eddie and I met.  2017 seems to be making up for lost time.  We started the year with the unexpected blood clot (3 surgeries there).  Then we had our failed IVF, which included lots of debt that we will be paying on for the next 15 years.  Then my poor mister blew his knee out.  So there will be another surgery to come this year, I imagine.  MRI in two weeks to tell us the extent of the damage.

I don’t feel sorry for myself.  I would choose this life with Eddie a million times over, even if it meant we had to do all the crappy stuff ten-fold.  I feel sorry for him though.  I ask myself why does one person have to deal with so much shit?  Why does one person, who is kind, generous, sweet, giving, loving (the list goes on) keep getting the short end of the stick.  Why do shitty people who are horrible human beings seem to have better luck and have less struggles in life.  But then I stop.  Because life isn’t fucking fair, and it never will be, and there’s nothing you can do about it, so suck it up buttercup and make the best of it.

There is a lot of good in our lives.  We have a wonderful, beautiful, happy marriage.  We have a home.  We have food on the table.  We have cars to get us to the million doctor appointments and jobs.  We have a great life together.  We are lucky.  Things could always be worse.

So for now, we just do what we always do.  We lean on each other.  We laugh and cry in equal amounts when needed.  We keep on keeping on.  Because that’s what you have to do.