We are fortunate to have a fairly large back yard for our girls to run and play in.  Our neighbors across the street also own the vacant lot next door to ours, and the wife runs an in-home daycare.  Oftentimes the kids will play in the vacant lot on the swingset or just run around being goofy kids.  Usually when the dogs are out, they will venture up to the fence to say hello.  I guess one day, one of the kids must have lost their naked Barbie in the exchange…  because Dora found one.

She looks so triumphant!


Meet the Fam

Eddie and I don’t have kids yet, but we do have a houseful!  We’ve got three cats, which I had before we met, then less than a month after getting married, we decided we wanted a puppy.  For the next 6 months, I wanted to give her back.  But now, I’m glad I didn’t!  Almost a year ago, we also happened to adopt a second dog, though we didn’t initially have plans to.  Sometimes you pick them, sometimes they pick you.  I’m proud to say that all five of our animals are shelter pets (nothing against those who don’t adopt shelter pets, but for me, that’s where it’s at!).  So, this is our big happy family.

Five and a half years ago, I had just gotten my first “grown up” apartment, and I was determined to get cats!  Our local shelter has a BOGO type of deal with adult cats, to encourage people to adopt adults.  Everyone wants a cute kitten, but sadly adult cats get looked over a lot.  So, I went probably half a dozen times, making sure I was getting cats that were a good fit for me. 

This cat was always laying on a bright pink blanket when I went, and loved to be petted.  I knew she was for sure one of my two!

My pretty girl, or PG for short!

 I also would always be approached by a gorgeous (but slightly overweight!) gray tabby.  He would jump on me and let me pet him every single time I was there.  Long story short, I ended up coming home with a cat that looked identical to that cat, but his personality was just the opposite.  This cat is a cranky old man, but I love him.

Every once in awhile he'll jump up on your lap and accept a few pets... before biting you and running away.

About a year later, I was working as a case manager for adults with developmental disabilities.  Sadly, one of my clients passed away suddenly, and I took on the task of finding a home for her two shelter cats–a cute cuddly kitten, and an adult cat with vertigo.  The kitten was easy to find a home for, but Sam was kind of a special-needs kitty, and I decided to take him in.

He's dizzy from time to time, but super loving!

Although the cats didn’t quite like it when we first brought a dog (and then another!) into the house, they (mostly) got used to it.
The first dog we got was a 12 week old puppy–a coonhound & shepherd mix.  Two smart breeds.  Too bad Dora didn’t get the smarts…

Dora has also developed epilepsy, so we now have two special needs animals, but with meds, she stays seizure-free and goofy as can be!

Our little Lucy is Dora’s total opposite… she’s small, not nearly as feisty, and kind of afraid to have fun (and she hates toys!), but somehow she and Dora make their friendship work.  I can’t remember what our house was like without her spunk!

Lucy is a huge smiler, I love it!

It’s a whole lotta legs going on in our house, but we make it work.  There isn’t anything like smooches and snuggles from furry family members (my husband included)!

Best friends!